The Willowswaytm

Your Insight into Our World

Before joining our waiting list, we invite you to experience.

The Willowswaytm first-hand by booking a visit to our preschool. This visit will provide you with a unique opportunity to observe our learning environment, interact with our team, and have a comprehensive view of our philosophy and approach towards early childhood development.

Scheduling Your Visit

To schedule your visit, please use our online booking system

Tour With Our Principal

During your visit, our Principal will be delighted to guide you through our spaces, explain our pedagogy, discuss our values, and show you how we cultivate a nurturing, innovative, and inclusive learning environment for our children.

It’s a fantastic chance to ask any questions and understand what makes Willows Pre-school unique.

Joining the Waiting List

Should you wish to proceed with registration after your visit, our team will guide you through the process of joining our waiting list. We assure you that we manage our list with utmost transparency and fairness to all families.

Stay Connected

To stay updated with all the latest news, events, and insights from Willows Pre-school, be sure to follow to come back for more updates.

Our community page is very popular.

Upcoming Events

Keep an eye out for our upcoming events designed for prospective families to engage and learn more about our community before joining it.

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Your Questions Matter

Should you have any immediate questions or need further information, please feel free to contact our senior manager at

We look forward to welcoming you and your child to our growing family and appreciate your interest in Willows Pre-school.

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